Smart Natural Exfoliant


BOA is a naturally-driven, smart and highly effective exfoliant that cleans and minimises the pores, exfoliates, smooths and moisturises the skin in one simple application.

Unlike chemical or physical exfoliants which can create microscopic tears in your skin's surface, BOA distinguishes between your dead and healthy skin cells by gently 'picking up' ONLY your dead cells and impurities. Think of it Iike a 'lint roller' for the skin.

Apply your BOA Smart Natural Exfoliant directly onto slightly wet skin and massage in. Your dead cells will form into ball-like particles as you massage. More 'balls' of dead cells will form until all the dead cells have been removed. 

Want proof BOA has removed all of your dead cells? Try BOA a second time on the same patch of skin. The ‘balling’ effect will be minimal or you may get none at all.

Why do you need BOA? BOA will improve the cellular renewal of your skin, allowing it to regain a uniform tone and texture. You will experience a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and visible pores, smoother, healthier and cleaner skin, bringing your natural beauty to the surface and resulting in an even, glowing complexion. 

As BOA only removes the dead cells, BOA will have its own relationship with each person. The amount of 'balling' will vary on different parts of your body, depending on your skin's needs and the amount of dead cells you have. Take the time to learn about your skin and make using BOA a ritual. 

Your BOA stick should last you between 6 and 8 months (based on average use of 1-2 times per week). BOA is vegan Ⓥ & Cruelty-Free. One BOA stick is 45g. 

We are so confident you'll love BOA. Read more about our BOA Promise 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee



The best way to describe BOA is as a ‘lint roller’ for the skin. BOA will give you immediate proof that it's working with visible results you can feel under your fingertips. Your dead skin cells will form into rice-like particles which roll off as you massage the exfoliant into your skin. Once you stop feeling these particles, BOA's job is done. 

Your BOA experience will be highly individualized to your specific skin and its needs, working only where and when you need to exfoliate.

How to use BOA

  • BOA works best when you have minimal make-up on. (Make-up can act as a film, sometimes reducing the effectiveness of BOA)
  • Make sure your face is slightly wet for BOA to work its magic!
  • Push up on the bottom of the BOA stick, and then gently apply the product directly onto your face 
  • Start massaging the product into your skin in a back and forth motion
  • After a little while, you will start feeling rice shaped particles under your fingertips - these are your dead skin cells and exfoliation has been activated. Keep massaging and more will form. 
  • Particles don't form on some areas of your face? If all you feel is the smooth product being massaged into your skin, you're all good. Only healthy skin here, which needs to stay put.
  • Stop feeling the particles as you massage BOA into your skin? You're done!
  • Now that your exfoliation is done, while some people like the moisturised feel of jojoba on their skin, others prefer to rinse BOA off with a gentle cleanser and apply their own moisturiser.

How often to use BOA

The beauty of BOA is that it will tell you when and where you need to use it. Only taking away the dead skin cells means BOA is a safe, gentle but incredibly effective method of exfoliation for everyday use if required. Most people will need to use BOA 1-2 times per week. 

New to BOA

For first time users, we recommend using BOA every day until it stops working for you. After this, you can then space out your usage to 1-2 times per week, on an as-needed basis. This will vary according to different areas of your face and also vary from person to person.

The Results

Your cleaner, smoother, resurfaced feeling face will look flawless and fresh, resulting in a naturally bright, glowing complexion.

With a background in biochemistry and years of experience in R & D in the personal care industry, we have seen the skincare world goes in fads and trends. 

Lots of brands play with fear, but it’s a marketing game we don’t play.

We prefer facts over unsubstantiated claims. We value safe and ethically produced products. We also understand what ingredients are necessary to deliver the high performance that our products promise.

We therefore only use naturally derived ingredients combined with science-based technologies to bring you products of a high standard in performance and efficiency.

We pride ourselves on bringing you honest, clean skincare of a superior standard.
This is the magic of BOA.

If you have specific questions, please reach out here and we will get back to you.
For the more detail-oriented amongst us, here is a list of exactly what we have used in our products.

Ingredient list

Calcium Carbonate (natural mineral) | Kaolin (natural mineral)  | Aqua (water), Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil (emollient) | Simmondsia Chinensis (jojoba) Butter (natural moisturizing factor) | Magnesium Stearate (imparts smooth feel) | Myristyl Alcohol and Myristyl Glucoside (emollient) | 1.2 Octanediol | 2-Phenoxyethanol (widely used and globally approved safe preservative) | Tetrasodium EDTA (chelating agent) 

Calcium Carbonate is a natural mineral that acts as an absorbent of impurities.

Kaolin is a naturally occurring clay mineral (silicate of aluminum) used in cosmetics for its absorbent properties.

Jojoba oil is an essential fatty acids from the jojoba plant, broken down by water to form a new complex. Jojoba esters function as skin-softening agents.

Jojoba butter is similar to one of the natural substances that you have in your upper layer of skin. It helps keep your skin smooth, hydrated and healthy-looking. Topical application helps reinforce skin’s surface so skin takes on a younger, well-nourished appearance.

NMFs (Natural Moisturizing Factors) make up an expansive group of ingredients that include amino acids, lactic acid, sodium PCA, various sugars and minerals, and peptides. Together with the naturally occurring lipids in skin (examples would be ceramides, cholesterol, and glycosaminoglycans), NMF’s work to keep skin’s surface intact and supple.

Myristyl alcohol (not a real alcohol) is a lighter-weight fatty alcohol that functions as a thickener, emulsion stabilizer, and emollient. This gives the product a very nice feel when you use it with water.

Phenoxyethanol is a widely used synthetic preservative that has global approval for use in all cosmetic products in concentrations up to 1%. It works in a large range of formulas and pH ranges, has broad spectrum activity against many pathogens you don’t want multiplying in your skincare products. It is stable and compatible with many other preservatives used in cosmetics. It is purified before it is used in cosmetic formulations and is used at a very low concentration in the product to assure the safety of the product under various use conditions.

EDTA is a chelating agents are used to prevent minerals present in formulation from bonding to other ingredients. Used at a very low amount.

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I recommend this product

I love it

I've been using it everyday for 2 and a half weeks now and it still keeps working down the t-zone (the rest of my face has reached it's slough limit). Which says to me that I should have started using it years ago! I can see the difference in my skin. It has less congestion, and less breakouts. And it's just so nice to use. I love that it's not harsh on my sensitive, oily skin. I'm definitely a convert.

Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Amazing product.

It really is like magic. I have sensitive skin that is prone to redness but also tends to get oily. BOA doesn't leave me with sore red skin like many other exfoliating products and has actually reduced the oily feeling.

Robynne W.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Exceptional product

Easy and fast to use, not messy with instant results.

Tiffany B.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product


Love it! Love the ingredients & what it does & also that it’s gentle on our faces but actually WORKS!

Margaret .
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

I wish I had bought BOA earlier!

I wish I had bought BOA earlier! I am over 40 and have sun & acne damaged, sensitive skin so was sceptical about using this product but it works beautifully! My skin has never felt so smooth and plump and I feel like all my serums and moisturisers are actually absorbing better and doing their thing! I look forward to using BOA every week and will be buying this as gifts for friends and family. Thankyou BOA for making such a difference to my skin !

Corey D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

This Rocks

It’s so easy to use and works like magic without drying out skin.

Australia Australia
I recommend this product


I missed my regular microdermabrasion treatments during isolation. This product is as good or even better than microdermabrasions. I use it weekly and my skin feels so much smoother and feels lighter. Highly recommend

Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Its the first time I feel comfortable in my own skin in 7 years

Lifesaver!! Your product has been a lifesaver. Its the first time I feel comfortable in my own skin in 7 years. Thank you so much! I am telling everyone to purchase because it's unbelievable.

Australia Australia
I recommend this product

My skin has never looked and felt better!

This is AMAZING � My skin has never looked and felt better. The amount of dead skin that rolled off was crazy!!! I could not believe the soft, glowing skin it revealed was mine I will never be without this product!

Australia Australia
I recommend this product


WOW! A product that actually works. My skin looks and feels so clean! Fast postage. Thank you

Australia Australia
I recommend this product

The first time I feel comfortable in my own skin in 7 years!

Honestly your product has been a life saver. It’s the first time I feel comfortable in my own skin in 7 years! Thank you so much! I have been telling everyone to purchase because it’s unbelievable!

Australia Australia
I recommend this product

How much money have i wasted all these years on creams to get rid of my dead cells? If only i had discovered BOA sooner!

I cannot rave about this enough. I am over 50 and hate to think how much money have I wasted over the years applying expensive creams to get rid of my dead cells...I just need to spread the word about this and tell all my friends. I have been blown away.

Australia Australia
I recommend this product


I used it the first day it arrived with enthusiasm. I could not wait to use it... I was stopped in my tracks with how easy to use and simply how fast it had got to work. I had such an incredibly smooth and clean face I felt it was in its best state where I could feel it absorbing all my hydrating serum and moisturiser better. This little gem of a product is pure gold!!

Dianne D.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

BOA exfoliant

Use this first time tonight love how you can see the dead skin come off, skin feels so fresh so soft and didn’t dry my skin out. Highly Recommend this product

Robyn F.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Great for sensitive skin

I have really sensitive skin and I find using BOA has actually decreased the redness and dry flakiness that usually shows in my skin. It is so gentle yet really effective and leaves my skin fresh and clear.

Jacqueline M.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Great product

Quick and easy to use with fantastic results. My skin feels so smooth after using it and it’s great to use before a mask. Love this product - awesome!

Lisa E.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

OMG! This stuff is amazing!

I cant believe how smooth my skin feels after using this. Its better than any scrub i have used before. My skin feels like silk. Amazeballs!

Jacqui C.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

The perfect solution for sensitive skin

I love BIA for its simplicity, purity and amazing results. My skin feels clean and looks fresh and radiant. I’ve been asked a number of times if I’ve put makeup on - no! It’s just the clarity of my skin post a quick BOA treatment.

Colleen M.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product


My face is so smooth after using Boa. I can use it 3 and 4 times a week and it’s just addictive to get that smooth silky fresh faced feeling.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Easy to use

I've used it three times so far I like it makes my skin feel nice and soft and the good part is no breakouts for using it