We are only happy if you are.

The BOA Skincare products are truly brilliant. In particular, the way BOA Exfoliant works, lifting and ‘balling’ only your dead cells, is unlike any other exfoliant on the market. So, we can understand that while it might pique your curiosity, you might need to experience the magic of BOA first-hand in order to believe in its brilliance. If you are using the BOA Exfoliant correctly, we know you will not be disappointed. 
That’s why we are offering you the BOA 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on our range. We are so confident in the brilliance of our products and their results that if you are not satisfied we will offer you your money back. 
To be eligible for a refund under our BOA Promise 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, please note the following conditions:
  • The customer has been using the BOA product for at least 14 days (14 or more days have lapsed between when the customer received the item, and when the customer contacted BOA).
  • The customer has contacted the BOA team (info@boaskincare.com) at least once via email to ensure the customer is getting the most out of their BOA products and are using them correctly. 
  • If after this, the customer is still not satisfied (and the purchase was made within 30 days) the customer is eligible for a refund. Application for refund must be post-marked no more than 30 days after purchase.
  • A refund is given once the product has been returned to our warehouse. Postage to our warehouse will be at the expense of the customer, i.e. you are responsible for shipping costs and the safe return of your BOA product.
  • Refund payments will be made for the amount on the original purchase receipt, minus the shipping charges to BOA, and will be deposited into the customer’s account within 3-4 business days.
  • BOA's shipping and handling costs are $15.00 for individual products and $20.00 for more than one product. These are our flat rate shipping expenses per order, but they are subsidised for our customers so we can give you a reduced rate when you purchase. 
  • Refunds will be processed by the same payment method of original purchase
  • Our BOA Promise 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is valid for products purchased online only
  • You must note proof of purchase when the item is returned, i.e. your order number.
  • One refund of one product only per family at any one address.
  • BOA Skincare reserves the right to reject any refund application it deems inappropriate or an abuse of the offer, or the subject of fraud.
  • BOA Skincare also reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • The BOA Promise 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is valid for purchases within Australia or the USA and only applies to products purchased online.
  • You will receive an email confirmation once your return or exchange has been processed.
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