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That’s not our marketing department talking. Smart ingredients combined with smart science makes an intelligent skincare range. One that visibly tells you when to use it and when to stop, with immediate results. It’s skincare that lets skin decide what it needs, not the brand. And that’s a revolution in beauty.

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the smartest exfoliant on earth

Unlike chemical exfoliants and scrubs which dig deep and can aggravate delicate skin, our Smart Natural Exfoliant distinguishes between old and new skin, picking up only dead cells and leaving healthy skin untouched. That’s why the skin that BOA reveals appears instantly renewed.

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a natural chemistry

When you combine the power of nature with the wisdom of science, a certain magic happens. BOA taps into both to bring you clean, honest and transparent skincare of a standard like nothing else on the

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a beauty revolution

At BOA, we don’t buy into an idealised definition of beauty. Real beauty is embracing who we are, and each other. We believe that beauty is an attitude that comes from confidence - which gets a boost when you love the skin you’re in. And BOA was designed to unveil the renewed skin we all have within.

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inspired by tradition

Our passion for beautifully smooth and deeply cleaned skin has its roots in ancient Persian bathhouses. We bottled inspiration from age-old traditions blended with modern techniques to bring you BOA: innovative skincare designed to reveal your real, natural beauty.

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