the smartest exfoliant on earth

Think of BOA as the smartest one in the room. Unlike chemical exfoliants and scrubs, BOA Mineral Exfoliant can distinguish between dead and healthy cells – BOA loves only your dead skin cells and leaves your healthy skin untouched.

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the brilliance of BOA

BOA is highly individualised to your skin. Play with your BOA to learn about your skin - how often you need to exfoliate, where you need to use it and when to stopYou’ll never love your dead skin more than when you say ‘bye’ as you wash your grain-like particles down the sink.

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beautiful chemistry

We have combined naturally derived ingredients with science-based technologies to bring you clean, honest and transparent skincare of a superior standard. BOA is also vegan and cruelty free. 

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back to our Persian roots

Our passion for beautifully smooth and naturally glowing skin has its roots in the ancient Persian bathhouses. We bottled inspiration from our past to bring you BOA: Skincare made with love to help you reveal your natural, real beauty.

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from Plato to BOA

Sorry Plato, there is no ideal world, nor ideal beauty. The definition of beauty changes from one culture to another, from one person to another. 

At BOA, we are all about real, natural beauty. We believe that beauty is an attitude. Beauty is confidence. Beauty is embracing who you are, naturally. 

And so, BOA was created to help you rediscover and embrace your own natural beauty.

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Replace microdermabrasion and chemical peels with BOA

Save time and money with BOA as your at-home beauty treatment

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We are so confident you'll fall in love with BOA

our promise: 30-day money-back guarantee

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