"Clean Beauty" what does it mean to us?

When you think of Clean Beauty what comes to your mind? Minimal ingredients, consumer safety, social responsibility, natural ingredients etc…  Does this mean the other brands that are not in the “clean” space are unclean?

The bottom line is that you, as a consumer, want brands to deliver products that are thoughtfully designed and have the least negative (or no negative) impact on human health, the environment and society as a whole.

A lot of brands play the game of “free from” or “no nasties”. Some retailers like Sephora have taken a position with the manufacturers by refusing to stock products that contain SLS, SLES, paraben, formaldehyde, phthalates, or mineral oil.

Do these actions make you feel safe?

Now lets bring in a twist. The EU has added an additional challenge. It now bans the “free from” claims as a marketing tool. Why do you think they did this?  Could it be because a lot of brands jumped on the band wagon to use all these “free from” claims as marketing tools rather than truly deliver safe products? 

What is a truly natural or organic product? Why do you believe natural is safer? These are all topics to themselves but let me tell you what BOA believes.

We think there is a massive cultural and lifestyle shift happening in our society. Consumers want transparency in what brands put in their products. They want clear and complete information at the right time.  They don’t want “fake news” or marketing hype.  They are intelligent and informed enough to make decisions once the facts are presented.

BOA brand believes in transparency.  We believe the idea of clean beauty is to focus on the safety, functionality and sustainability of the product that we offer to our customers. Clean beauty is safe and not just organic or natural. It uses the biotechnology that science offers to deliver on the promises of clean beauty. 

BOA believes that given what’s happening to our environment we need to look at alternatives that allow us to be sustainable. The key element of sustainability is to be able to regrow the ingredients in a controlled environment. This trend is already happening in the food industry and will transfer to beauty as well. The Earth is quickly running out of resources and the capacity to feed, clothe and keep us beautiful. We need the help of biotechnology to keep things sustainable.

This means we won’t compromise when it comes to using the appropriate preservative system.  We know a natural preservative does not keep our customers safe. We will use biotechnology and what it offers to keep our ingredients sustainable. We will work to reduce our impact on the environment in our packaging without compromising functionality and safety.


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