What is the BOA Smart Natural Exfoliant?

The BOA Smart Natural Exfoliant is a unique mineral exfoliant crafted from naturally derived ingredients and is specifically designed for use on the face and the body to rejuvenate the skin and maintain a healthy skin balance. 

BOA Smart Natural Exfoliant does four things really well:

  1. Deeply exfoliates the skin
  2. Removes layers of dry, flaky dead skin cells, impurities, and bumps, while leaving healthy skin in place - untouched
  3. Tells you when to stop exfoliating. It is highly individualized to your skin, only exfoliating when and where you need it
  4. Leaves your skin hydrated and moisturized

The BOA Exfoliant is a no-nonsense exfoliator that promises to deliver softer, smoother, more radiant and healthy skin, making your skin the perfect canvas for whatever comes next in your skincare or makeup regime.

Serums and treatments will absorb more deeply, increasing their effectiveness. 

What is so special about the BOA Smart Natural Exfoliant?

Your skin is different from everyone else's. Where you need to exfoliate and how much you need to exfoliate is unique to you and often varies from day to day. It also depends on what else are you using on your skin. Your experience with our Smart Exfoliant is highly personalized: It is an intelligent exfoliator, seeking out and removing only when and where you have dead skin cells, leaving the healthy skin in place. BOA Exfoliant will continue to work until all the dead skin cells have been removed. 

Unlike any other exfoliator on the market, BOA Smart Natural Exfoliant provides the user with an immediate visual signal - you can actually see exfoliation happen before your eyes as your dead, flaky skin cells roll off in your fingers as you massage the product into your skin, almost like rice-like grains. 

When you no longer see any residue forming, you know your skin is clean and all dead cells have been swept away.  

All this causes zero irritation, making the BOA Exfoliant the perfect choice for sensitive skin. 

What is the BOA Ritual?

The BOA Ritual is a 3-step skincare routine that will help to give your skin a smoother tone, texture and appearance. It will prevent congestion, breakouts, fine lines, redness and blackheads. 

Step 1 Exfoliation: Our Smart Natural Exfoliant is highly effective at sloughing off only your dead cells. Once the dead cells have been removed, your younger, healthier cells can come to the surface of your skin. 

Step 2 Deep Cleanse: With your dead cells sloughed away, your pores are open to receive the detoxifying ingredients in our cleanser formulation. Use as a spot treatment on congested areas or as a mask to prolong exposure to the ingredients which will help calm and purify the skin, removing make-up, impurities, and pollutants. 

Step 3 Nourish: Finish with our Rejuvenation Serum. Light and silky, this complex serum will nourish and plump the skin, acting as a natural collagen booster. It will also assist in reducing redness. 

How do I use the BOA Ritual?

  1. Make sure your face is slightly wet for BOA Exfoliant to work its magic! BOA Exfoliant works best when you have minimal makeup on. The make-up can act as a film which can get in the way of BOA finding your dead skin cells. 
  2. Gently smooth the product directly onto your forehead, cheeks, and chin using the BOA stick.
  3. Start massaging the product in a back and forth motion
  4. BOA Exfoliant will roll away flaky skin cells and leave you with the feel of silky smooth skin. After a little while, you will start feeling rice shaped particles under your fingertips - these are your dead skin cells. Keep massaging and more will form. Once you stop feeling these particles, then BOA has done its job.
  5. If you don't have any dry skin in certain areas of your face, you will not feel any residue or particles under your fingertips. All you will feel is the smooth product being massaged into your skin. 
  6. Rinsing the BOA Exfoliant off is optional. While some people like the moisturized feel of jojoba on their skin, others prefer to cleanse BOA off with a gentle cleanser and apply moisturizer. For best results, we recommend using the BOA Mineral Detox Cleanser and Mask to deeply clean your pores and remove any excess exfoliant residue and impurities.
  7. Finish with the BOA Rejuvenating Serum to nourish your skin. Enjoy your smooth, clean, resurfaced, radiant #nomakeupneeded skin 

Is the BOA Smart Natural Exfoliant right for my skin? 

Because our exfoliant is a non-invasive product (does not react on your skin or does not alter your natural skin pH) it is suitable for all skin types except for skin with certain medical conditions.

If you have dry, oily, acne prone, non-inflammatory acne (white heads and black heads), or sensitive skin then BOA will work beautifully on your skin.

Also, with BOA, age is not really a factor. You control how much pressure you apply as you massage your skin when you exfoliate.  BOA Smart Natural Exfoliant is also a perfect complement to AHAs and BHAs.

Along with our Mineral Detox Cleanser and Mask, they can work as a preventative tool, cleaning the pores from inside and out giving you a great exfoliation and cleansing system to fight acne and pesky skin bumps like Milia.

If you have Rosacea or any types of contact dermatitis, inflammatory acne (Papules, pustules, cysts) or any other types of skin medical conditions, we suggest you consult with your dermatologist before using BOA.

I am not getting the "balling" or "pilling" of dead skin cells

If you have dead cells (which we all do), the BOA Exfoliant will remove them! If your dead cells aren’t coming off, here are a few reasons why…

  1. Make-up and oil: Make-up can act as a film which can lead to difficulties detecting the dead cells. Try washing your face first and try again.
  2. Have you exfoliated recently? Remember, the BOA Exfoliant works where there are dead cells. In this case, try this area again in a week or use BOA Exfoliant where you haven’t exfoliated recently.
  3. Your skin is too wet: If you feel like you are just pushing wet clay around your skin, your skin could be too wet. The BOA Exfoliant works best with slightly damp skin (just patting your wet hands on your face works well) and massage BOA in in with DRY fingers.
  4. Practice on your forearm: The BOA Exfoliant is so unique and takes a little practice to get the right technique for you. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll fall in love with it. Try using BOA Exfoliant for the first time on your forearm (this is an area with lots of dead cells and minimal oil/makeup) and you will see the effect BOA Exfoliant can achieve on the rest of your body and your face.

I have finished exfoliating with the BOA Smart Natural Exfoliant. Now what?    

Once you complete the exfoliation, rinsing with water just removes the clay and minerals but the jojoba waxes are left behind. It's a personal preference as to whether you like the feel of the jojoba on your face. For best results, we recommend to cleanse the BOA Exfoliant off with BOA Mineral Detox Cleanser and Mask. This cleanser contains detoxifying properties, removing make-up, impurities and any exfoliant residue. Now you only have healthy cells left and your pores have been thoroughly cleaned. Any products you use to nourish will now be more effective as they can more deeply penetrate the pores. We suggest to use BOA Rejuvenating Serum to leave your skin feeling fresh and silky smooth.

How often to I need to use BOA?

The Exfoliant: The beauty of the BOA Exfoliant is that it will guide you in how often and where you need to exfoliate. Because it will only work when and where you have dead skin cells, you can use your results as a guide. 

If particles keep forming under your fingertips, then continue to use the BOA Exfoliant. Once particles stop forming, BOA Exfoliant has done its job and you have no more dead skin cells. 

When you first start using the BOA Exfoliant, we recommend you use it every day until it stops working (meaning, you have no more dead skin cells). After this, you can self-regulate using on an as-needs basis (~3 times per week). This will vary according to different areas of your face and also vary from person to person.

Mineral Detox Cleanser and Mask: You can use the BOA Cleanser 1-2 times daily, or as a Mask up to 2 times a week to let your skin have prolonged exposure to the beautiful ingredients in this product.

Rejuvenating Serum: Use as often as moisture is required. 

How much BOA Exfoliant do I need to use? 

BOA is not a mask and you only need to apply a fine layer or film of BOA on your face.

Who are BOA products for?

Let's face it - we are all searching for smooth, clean, healthy radiant skin, which is why our BOA Ritual to renew the vital healthy skin cells, resurface the skin, and detoxify and repair the skin from deep within is universally appealing. 

BOA’s unique formulations leave your skin silky smooth, with a deep clean, making it the ultimate skin preparation treatment, transforming your skin into a perfect canvas. 

Can I use BOA products when I am pregnant or breastfeeding? 

Yes, BOA products are safe to use when pregnant or nursing. BOA is one of the safest methods of exfoliation to use when pregnant, as it is made of natural ingredients and has no active agents, so there is nothing that will react with your skin, making it safe for pregnancy.  

My BOA Smart Natural Exfoliant is dry. What can I do?

Fear not, your BOA Exfoliant is not old! BOA is a resilient product with a shelf life of more than 15 years. Because BOA Exfoliant is a clay and mineral-based product, it can lose some moisture if stored in dry conditions, but the moisture can easily be reabsorbed back when BOA Exfoliant is rehydrated without compromising the integrity of the product.

Here are some options for increasing the hydration of your BOA stick:

Option 1: You can leave the product in your shower. The steam from your shower should rehydrate the product and make it ready for use. This may take a few days depending on the length of your showers.

Option 2: Just boil some water or use saline solution (the key here is sterilized solution). Make sure it is cooled down to room temperature and put a few (10-15) drops of cooled (boiled) water on the top of your clay stick. Rehydration will occur over a few hours.

Option 3: If you have not used the product, send the unused product back to us. We will be happy to send you a replacement product with a gift to cover your postage. Depending on where you are, your postage should be about $6- $8.

What are BOA products made from?

We are all about safe, functional and ethical skincare at BOA. That's why we crafted BOA from naturally derived ingredients. They contain no harsh additives or acids or chemical peels and is, therefore, gentle and non-irritating, perfect for sensitive skin.

Why do I need to exfoliate?

Exfoliation means removing dead, flaky cells and impurities that lie on the surface of our skin to reveal the next layer of new healthy skin cells beneath. Exfoliation, therefore, speeds up Collagen production and improves cellular renewal; skin regains a uniform tone and texture, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. The result is skin that is smoother with a newly discovered glow and radiance that translates to a look that is healthy, natural and beautiful.

Where are BOA products made?

BOA products are made in the USA. BOA Skincare is an Australian company and our headquarters are in Sydney and Melbourne.


Still got questions? 

Email us at info@boaskincare.com and we will give you a call. BOA is an incredible and very unique product. We love to answer customer questions because we want to ensure you are getting the most out of BOA. No one who uses BOA the right way will ever be disappointed.