What is the secret to smoother, glowing and radiant skin?

How many marketing claims have you come across where they say our product gives you smoother skin? Psst … that includes us, BOA Exfoliant!!!

So what does it take to have smoother skin?

Like most things in life, part of it is your genes. Even with good genes you need to guard your skin because as you get older, one needs to work at it to keep the skin smooth. Good diet, a good night sleep and lack of stress all participate in the health of your skin. So let’s concentrate on some of the things that we can control:

  • The big culprit as usual is sun exposure. You may think sunscreen is for UV protection and you are right, but UV protection is KEY to having smoother skin. Part of it is because by not being exposed to UV, your collagen, which is the building block for your skin cells, does not break down as fast. Slowing down the collagen break down or increasing cell turnover to get more collagen becomes an essential step in reducing the wrinkles. So keep wearing that sunscreen.
  • Another big secret for smoother skin is exfoliation. This is where we pitch BOA as an effective and gentle exfoliant. It buffs your skin and keeps it fresh and unclogged, letting beneficial active ingredients in your moisturizer or treatments do their job effectively. With BOA you will see results immediately as it gives you visual signals in a form of a rice shaped particles when it is removing the dead cells. Once your dead cells are gone, nothing further happens. It's like magic. Combine BOA with chemical exfoliants like glycolic and/or lactic acid and you have a fantastic combination exfoliating system. Exfoliation is a must have for smoother skin.
  • Retinoids are considered by some to be the holy grail of smoother skin. This is particularly true for Tretinoin system. It increases cell turnover rate by exfoliating skin over time. Again the collagen factor.

If you take these steps as a routine I promise that you will see your skin become smoother, healthier and your natural glow will shine through.


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