The life lesson of the giant sequoia tree

The life cycle of the giant sequoia tree shows us a beautiful example of nature’s cycle of clearing and renewal.

Giant sequoias are some of the world’s most ancient trees. The oldest one is estimated to be 3,500 years old. The secret to their longevity is the power of fire. Periodic forest fires clear away everything that is a threat to the tree’s survival. The fires’ heat opens up the cones of these trees, that otherwise could not open, and releases their seeds. Fires also clear the growth from competing shade trees giving the Sequoia’s seedlings enough sunlight to grow.

Every day brings us a chance to start over. We all have moments when we need to just stop and centre ourselves on what is happening to us. Sometimes those are painful moments, the loss of a perfect relationship, the loss of a job that had defined us for a long time, or friends turning their back on us. Think of what’s happening with the Covid19 pandemic. In these moments, what you think is a major disaster in your life might actually be a step forward into your new life. From our soul’s perspective there is no success or failure. There is just the present moment full of possibilities.

When everything is flowing according to our ideal of how things should be, it is easy to feel like we are living in harmony with universe.  But when there is a clear gap between what we want and how our lives are unfolding we are more likely to feel stress and self-doubt. We start judging ourselves, labelling our shortcomings and might even call ourselves a failure. We get caught up in our thoughts.  We become our thoughts. This is when we need to become silent, to meditate, to tap into our inner quiet and allow our mind to settle down. As we become more aware, we see the gift that the present moment offers. We see the possibilities even in the midst of a pandemic or whatever challenge that we are facing. We stay true to our deepest truth, that is grace. We realise there is only the present moment filled with possibilities, love, light and joy. This is resilience, something that we all need right now.

Based on a meditation by Deepak Chopra


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