How to leave your past behind and let yourself heal again

It has been a tough year, one that has caused some sort of 'damage' to many, or most of us. How do we start down the path to healing? If you find yourself holding anything or anyone else accountable for your peace and happiness, you are wasting your time. You must be fearless enough to give yourself the love you need if you haven't received it from your loved ones. Begin noticing how every day brings new opportunities for growth.

Take a look through the window of your childhood to see how you have been conditioned by your past. See how every disagreement with your parents shows up today in an argument with your partner, or friend. Recognise how unconscious feelings of unworthiness can suddenly appear as an aspect in your relationship. This is where we need to turn to the power of awareness. All healings begin through awareness. We can try to watch our words, control our emotions, take signals of approval or disapproval from other people, but this is awareness applied outwards which only gets you so far. These external factors change too fast and shouldn't be trusted as a guide toward true healing.

Only self awareness brings about real mastery of dealing with life challenges. It starts at the cellular level. Our body knows how to self heal. We rely on this to survive. But at the psychological level, we struggle. Our relationships can become more negative or more positive over time. A positive relationship relies on love, peace, compassion, kindness, understanding, tolerance and mutual growth. A negative relationship, on the other hand, suffers from obstacles that are the same as the obstacles to healing. 

If we take our body as a guide for self-healing, look at the fearless way that our body manages to survive and even thrive in the face of countless threats. The cells in our body live in the moment. Their response is instinctive and natural.

The first step in self-healing is to accept that healing is a natural aspect of the mind just as it is with our body. When we look inside our mind we see restless mental activity driven constantly by the demand of our ego and the call of our insecurities. This is in contrast to our lung or heart cells which are orderly and focused. We exist in the grip of this illusion of the mind that does not allow us to see or experience our true self.  The true self that lives beyond our restless mind. Being aware is the powerful tool you need to take you beyond, allow you to rest there and be as we are meant to be.

This is why our meditation practice is so important. It is the path to awareness.  Use it and you can find the place inside you where healing is as effortless and natural as the physical healing of our cells.  The ones that are sustaining us at this very moment.


Based on a meditation by Deepak Chopra


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