Why we created BOA

As you all know skin care is a very crowded market. There are plenty of good products out there but where we think we have something unique to offer is two fold:

On the brand level, we would like to start a conversation from what is perceived to be the beauty in this industry and across various cultures.

 BOA believes:

- Beauty is a state of mind.

- Beauty is an attitude.

- It’s the way we perceive ourselves and others.

- Beauty is taking care of our body and soul

- Beauty is not your make up.

- Beauty is embracing who you are

 And not hiding under layers of shame.

  • Beauty is taking the time to connect to yourself;
  • To connect to the world;
  • To be mindful and playful
  • Beauty is not perfection; it is being aware that perfection is just an idea and not a reality.
  • Beauty is not an opinion;
It just is.


We decided we were going to create a brand that encourages like-minded communities to not hide away, so our motto became: Reveal yourself; Reveal your beauty.

 On the team and product level:

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds. The chemist on board, me, has years of experience in personal care product development and has worked with major multinationals and known brands all over the world. Our brand director is a genius, an award-winning designer who lives in Belgium. BOA’s sales and marketing is beautifully managed by Jess who lives in Sydney.

Our ethos for product development is simplicity. We want to make products that are innovative in design and delivery. We decided we will only create products that are unique and changes the way we interact with it.

Our first product, BOA Exfoliant, is based on ethical innovation. It does what it says and has the ingredients to support its claims. It learns from years of tradition in Persian Hammams. It shows you when its working and it tells when to stop. Amazing ha…

As mentioned, we believe BOA should be about self-love, self-care and self-acceptance. When we designed the product we were thinking the act of exfoliation is a metaphor for getting rid of your pre-conceptions about yourself. So next time you use the product, take a good look at yourself and love who you are. BOA exfoliant is just a very effective way of cleaning your skin and getting rid of your dead cells but I have to admit that It does make your skin look healthier, cleaner and gives you a glow.

Keep in mind, you are perfect exactly as you are.

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