Why we should steer clear of labels when answering the question of "Who are you?"

When someone asks you that question, what is your answer?

Typically, we start with the societal tags; my name is XYZ, I am a woman/man, a mother/father, a wife/husband, I work at such and such company or I stay at home to look after my kids.

We talk about the roles that we play in life, our race, gender, religion, profession or whatever that we have accomplished or suffered from. There are probably certain things that we or society doesn’t like about us. Examples; I am overweight, I am not beautiful enough, I am the wrong race, have the wrong religion, country of birth or sexual orientation. I don’t have enough money, etc.

In other words, our inner world stays hidden in a typical conversation and gets obscured by the labels that society, or we, put on ourselves. We often judge ourselves. Labels are limiting even when they comparatively give us advantage over others. You are white, you are rich, you are more educated, you are pretty. You become a “type”.

Do you think this is fair?

What if we dig in deeper and come up with answers that are instead about what we believe in? Instead of what we believe about the labels, tags and perceptions of others that motivate how we behave we come up with an identity based on positive beliefs that defines us. When we dig deeper our truth will emerge one layer at a time. What do you believe about your goodness, your strength, your insight, your generosity, your space, your ability to love, and be loved? Do you believe that happiness, success, abundance and fulfillment are part of your birthright? Answering these deepest belief questions with courage, honesty, and compassion toward yourself will expand and empower you.

Remember you can only change what you are aware of, so take a moment to reflect and see what your values are. That is a much better way to answer the question of “who are you?”.

Based on a mediation series by Deepak Chopra.


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