Ever wondered why do you dislike someone so strongly? The mirror of our soul is one of the most valuable tools on our spiritual path.

The mirror of the soul shows us that when we strongly react to something in another person, it arises from an uncomfortable feeling or emotion within us that needs healing.

It is one of the most valuable tools on the spiritual path because it always tells the truth. Some people prefer to look away and therefore lose the opportunity to find out who they really are. Fear and self-doubt make it hard to look at your own reflection. But look closely, it is either something positive or something that you need to work on. The key is to stop being blind to something that is right in front of your eyes.

The truth that we resist seeing is not a mystery. The thing that you most dislike in someone else is the very thing that you refuse to see in yourself. The more defensive you are the more insecure you will feel. The more open you are the more secure you will feel. The choice is yours.

It is not easy to look at the mirror without blinking or seeing an illusion, but the mirror of the soul never stops showing us the truth no matter what our reaction is. Whenever we have a troubled relationship, the mirror is showing us what we need to heal ourselves first. The healing occurs by approaching every experience as if it is a movie projected from your soul.

Nothing out there, no person, situation, problem, predicament exists for any purpose other than to guide us to where our soul needs to go.

You may be moved by a movie in a theatre but you never loose sight of the fact that the projected image is just that, an image. This is what it feels like to look at your situation as a self-aware person.

As witnessing awareness grows you no longer fear any reflection. You lose the need to blame others or judge them against yourself. Instead you rejoice in the gift of knowing that every moment in your life has a truth to impart. This opens the way for more peace, love, understanding and freedom from fear.  

This helps with the self-acceptance process.


Based on meditation series by Deepak Chopra