How to be happier? Is this worth my time? Choosing your time consciously

"It does not matter how many candles are on that cake. You get to choose how you see and feel about that number." Oprah.

As we get older we get to feel more of ourselves than ever before in our lives. We start to benefit from all those years of taking and learning life lessons along the path of our journey. As our lives continue to unfold, the depth, wonder and also the difficulties that each year brings allows us to live increasingly fearlessly. Look what you have already overcome and yet you are still here. You have faced and overcome an increasingly long list of challenges.  You are timeless. Every experience brings you to the fullness of your life which of course includes disruption and crisis at times. They all offer you the opportunity to explore the life changing question. Is this worth my time?

How do we become more happy? A successful life means that with each season of life we become more conscious and we continue to evolve. The seasons of your life begin with infancy and early childhood where biology dominates. Development is controlled by genes and guided by your parent's influence. Children don't bear the responsibility for major life choices. On reaching adulthood, everyone is engaged in a single project "building a self".

It is a self that is growing based on society's template for each phase of our lives. Going to school, getting a job, raising a family, then retiring. These stages are not a guide for evolution. The only guide is within as measured by your vision of life, personal values, character, self-awareness and fulfilment. You can not quantify any of these. We are the judges of whether our lives are happier, more loving, filled with kindness and consideration, more open to differences and finding new outlets for creativity and self discovery. 

Ask yourself about any demand on your attention, is this worth my time? Have a conscious strategy to have contact with people who are most important in your life. Have downtime to mediate and play. Ageing allows you to say 'no' to what takes up your time and 'yes' to more play. The journey of expanded consciousness unites the seasons of life and creates more happiness.


Based on a meditation by Deepak Chopra.

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